L’uomo che cammina

2019 – 60’ ­
A film by Boato\Danesin
Direction, camera, editing: Giulio Boato

Original music, sound design, mix: Lorenzo Danesin

Line producer: Laura Belloni
Production: PAV (Rome)
In collaboration with: Kublai Film, Boato\Danesin, DOM-


From the original live-performance by DOM-
by Valerio Sirna and Leonardo Delogu
with Mario D’Amico and with Natalia Agati, Mattia Fiorenza, Matteo Locci, Marta Olivieri, Franca Vannini, Antonio Zuccari

A man walks for 5 hours through the city of Rome, from the Imperial Fora to the mouth of the Tiber river (where Pasolini was killed). The camera follows him at a distance, spying on him secretly without ever seeing his face. Through this journey (born as a live performance for 15 spectators per day, realized by the artistic collective DOM-), the city of Rome opens up to the eyes of the spectator: the contrasts between the center and the periphery, between concrete and nature, between ancient history and globalization. In the cinematic translation of Boato\Danesin, the camera becomes a body-spectator, to penetrate more in the substance of the landscape. The audiovisual rendering of the journey is the pretext for translating into cinema the very theatrical notion of “experience”.

Festival and awards

2020: Competition at FIFA Art film festival (Montreal)

2019: Short Theatre (Rome), Totem Scene Urbane (Ferrara)