Among Spiritual Guards

2016 – 27’ ­
Direction, editing: Giulio Boato

Author: Giulio Boato

Music: Lorenzo Danesin

Cinematography: Stephan Pinot

Producer: Gildas le Roux

Production: La Compagnie des Indes (Paris) 

The film traces a path through the exhibition Spiritual Guards by Jan Fabre, one of the most prolific and provocative contempo­rary artists of the past 30 years.The exhibition was presented in Florence in 2016: Fabre’s sculptures have been exhibited in the central square, in a fortress and in a historical palace. Supported by the words of the artist and the curators, the camera moves between the works of art integrated in the Renaissance atmo­sphere of the city of Dante. Some quotes of the youth diary by Fabre punctuate the film, establishing a dialogue between past and present, between art and utopia.

Festival and awards

SoleLuna 2018