2017 – 60′

By and with: Andrea Pergolesi

Directed by: Giulio Boato

Sound design: Lorenzo Danesin
Set, lights and costumes: Giulio Boato, Andrea Pergolesi
Photos: Matteo Busato

Freely adapted from Journey to the End of the Night (1932) by Louis-Ferdinand Céline

The show is inspired by Louis Ferdinand Céline’s most famous work: Journey to the End of the Night. The novel narrates in a crude and effective way the atrocities of the First World War, depicting a merciless fresco. The Journey is a dark and cynical text that conceals, under the mud of disastrous human experiences, an enormous desire to live and love.
Céline writes: “you ate all the poetry, since you lived up to this point”. This show wants to redeem the author, while respecting the style: the poem is not over, there is, if nothing else, a mouthful. The theatre allows us to find it again, digging under the dirt.