Jungle Dream

2017 – 75′

Directed by: Giulio Boato and Pietro Quadrino
Text: Pietro Quadrino
With: Pietro Quadrino, Marc Moon Van Overmeir, Paola Cabello, Sarah Cabello, Nicola Donati

Production: Post Scriptum Company

Co-production: Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, 104 Paris, Angelo Mai

Jungle Dream is an oneiric representation of a man who is represented in three different stages of his life: childhood, adulthood, maturity. The man reflects on his own condition and in particular on that of the actor, constantly subjected to the look of others. The relationship with the The Other becomes a constituent element of existence, self-mirror, soul mate. In the sixteenth century, King Louis XIV proclaimed himself “Roi Soleil”. He tried to deny the darkness that envelops human solitude and made his entire life a show, a stage always illuminated and visible to all. In the 21st century, social media are the expression of the same perverse and burning desire: do not be forgotten, and stopping the time. To what extent is this utopia persecutory? And in the pursuit of oneself through the eyes of others, what role has a feeling so abused as indispensable as love?